Talks and demonstrations about weapons and armour from many periods of history
Combat, as seen on television, is often flashy, the hero armed with his trusty, usually mythic blade, leaping onto laden banqueting tables ,throwing his shield away and doing away the bad-guy in a final nail biting moment.

Combat for real tended to be ugly, brutish and short, the hero in real life would be chopped ( or more likely speared ) to gobbets in his first leap for the table, the shield he eschews being his one and only chance to live as far as the end credits!

To survive on a real battlefield, the hero needs his wits about him, his shield, his weapons and, above all, he needs to know all about the weapons his opponent may be using, be it sword, spear, axe, knife, bow, or the shield itself, he must be ready for it, and the bad-guy may still win anyway!