A valuable educational supliment
As a member of prominent local living history society, Anmod Dracan, I have decades of experience presenting history to local schools, museums and libraries.
I can offer you five exciting workshops to enhance the key stage 2 curriculum.

Focusing on everyday life and it’s place in the wider historical
perspective brings a unique insight into the lives of our ancestors, giving pupils a more “hands on” relationship with history. Myths and legends, combined with historical anecdotes add greater depth.

Each performance lasts approximately two hours, but is flexible enough to fit into a normal school timetable. Costumes, role-play, discussion, artefact handling and storytelling, as well as humour, bring the experience alive.

Thousands of children and teachers across the North-East have enjoyed this experience for many years, so don't be left out!
Questions are encouraged, and the experience can easily be extended into the classroom.

Making the most of limited time and resources in the classroom, my presentations are cheaper and far more effective than most school trips. Many teachers comment that their pupils learn more history in an afternoon than in the rest of the term combined, and with years of dedicated research and high standards of historical accuracy, you can be sure of a quality experience.

My training as an historian, backed up by additional courses at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, ensures that all aspects of my presentation reach the highest standards, and my experience in historical interpretation is second to none.
Artefacts and costumes are also of the highest standards of authenticity.


Niera, the Ancient Greek housewife.
Claudia Marcia Capitolina, the Roman -
Centurion’s wife.
Sif, the Viking trader.
Emma, the Anglo-Saxon lady.
Mistress Johnson, the Tudor Merchants wife.

Click on the character's name in the menu on
the left to learn more about her.

Presentation costs are £115 for a half day, and £195 for a full day (which can consist of combined characters, the same performance twice, or one longer performance)
If you are interested, or would like to know more, please contact me
using the details on our contact page